Interview: Dan Pinti, Priest

We’re looking to do lots of interviews – and if you’d like to suggest an interview, please fill out our request form on our Requests page. It’s also important to us that each church that is represented in our Church Finder has its leadership interviewed. You should know what you’re going into, after all… So here is the priest of St. Aidan’s in Alden.


Name:  Daniel John Pinti
Realm: Religion, Literature, Academia
Occupation:  Episcopal priest, English professor
Age: 48
Interviewer: Self


What is my dream for the world?
Of course, any single answer to that question is insufficient for any of us.  Our dreams are bigger than our words.  I would say my dream is for all of us to recognize that our deepest dreams always point to the reality of a loving and forgiving God, no matter how obscured they might get by our smaller and more individual concerns.  I would also say that my dream is for everyone, all the time, to feel the way I feel every time I hear Duane Allman’s guitar solo on “Statesboro Blues” from Live at the Fillmore East.  I could go on….

When did you know God loves you?
I keep re-learning it.  A very important, relatively recent moment, occurred about 8 years ago, when my younger son was maybe 3 or 4 years old.  I was tucking him in one night and said “I love you,” and then he said “I love you,” and as I began to walk away to the door he grabbed my hand, looked in my eyes, and said very deliberately and clearly, for the first and only time ever, “All the time I love you.”  I knew it was not just my son speaking to me right then.  That was God speaking, as he so often does, through the voices of those we love.

When did you know God love everyone, no exceptions?
Pretty much as soon as I first realized God loved me.  If me, why not everyone?

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1 Response to Interview: Dan Pinti, Priest

  1. Hannah Holden says:

    Dan, I think what you’re doing with this web site is wonderful, and I hope that your project grows and spreads the message of God’s love for everyone. Best of luck!

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