Interview: Vicki Zust, Priest

Our very first video interview! Woot!

And for your edification, the transcription of the interview:


Name: Vicki Zust
Religion, Politics, Local Region
Occupation: Episcopal Priest, Rector of St. Paul’s, Harris Hill, Co-Admin of this site
Age: 44
Interviewer: Sare Gordy


What is your best dream for the world?
My best dream for the world is that we find a way for everyone to be able to do what it is that they think will bring them the most happiness.

When did you know that God loves you?
The first time I remember knowing that God loves me was Christmas Day service I had gone to church with my grandfather who was the lay reader at the Lessons & Carols service and we went out for cookies and hot cocoa at his friend’s house who was the priest for the Lessons & Carols service and just being in that room with those two men who were paying attention to me as if i were important and realizing that maybe god loved me, too.

When did you know God loves everyone, no exceptions?
I remember my grandmother telling me that one of the things that was most important in life was treating everyone as if they were a loved child of God, and then watching her live that out in the next couple of days that I was with her, and then realizing that if she believed it then maybe I should to, and that God loves everyone. And if that was true, that had to change how I looked at anybody who came across my path.

About Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz

Writer. Priest.
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2 Responses to Interview: Vicki Zust, Priest

  1. Vicki makes me want to move to Buffalo just to join her parish. Something about the way she’s communicating love in the video… so open and relational yet with depth and obvious thought. It’s Anglicanism at its finest. So many churches are cliquey and just push people away who don’t think, act, or look exactly like everyone else. Vicki makes me believe that church can be different.

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