Interview: Tom Tripp, Deacon

Here’s our first interview of one of our deacons. What’s a deacon, you ask? Well, a deacon is ordained like a priest or a bishop, but they have been set aside for a special function: serving. Serving whom? All humanity. This one is currently basing his service out of Saint Peter’s in Amherst.


Name: Thomas Norman Tripp
Realm: Justice
Episcopal Deacon, Retired Science Teacher, Grandfather
Age: 65
Interviewer: Self


What is my dream for the world?
I dream that everyone is granted access to core truth and is able to seize the day. I dream that people are able to grasp the big picture instead of the individual pixels, and live their lives to that end.

When did you know that God loves you?
I knew when he sat me down for a 30 minute movie one day that turned my life around. He loved me so much that he enlightened me to the dysfunctions of my past, led me to reconciliation and forgiveness, and illuminated a path for my future. Having been blessed with that personal healing, I was then able to witness His love in others and share it with them. The journey continues each day, amongst the twists and turns, but God is always there at the end of the day, and the morning rise as well.

When did you know that God loves everyone, no exceptions?
My God is a loving, inclusive God. I sort of thought that already, but my intuitive conclusion is proven each day I spend with prisoners or refugees- my two areas of ministry as a deacon.

I witness God’s love in men from all walks of life that, having made terrible decisions that incarcerated them, manage to turn their destructive lives around with God’s help, and to look towards their future. God’s loving forgiveness, available to all, is very powerful medicine.

I witness God’s love in refugees that come here from all parts of the world, escaping death and/or oppression.  One can see God’s love in their eyes that reflect safety, and the freedom embedded in their souls. They are not only grateful to the God that saved them, but also to their brothers and sisters that assisted them. I told you- my God is a loving, inclusive God.

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