Interview: Steve Lane, Deacon


Name: Stephen Lane (Steve)
Realm: Addiction/Recovery, Marketplace, Religion
Episcopal Deacon, Pet Store Operator, Chaplain of the Hope Center
Age: 54
Interviewer: Self… at first, but we liked it so much, we asked him to come in and do the film the interview! So then, Sare interviewed him.


What is my dream for the world?
Jesus said that the poor will always be with us. While that makes me sad, I would wish that those that want to get out of their poverty, be it fiscal or otherwise, would be able to find a helping hand to help them do that.

When did you know that God loves you?
Hah! I have to relearn that one daily. While I do know that God loves me, I often don’t feel worthy of that love. The first time that I felt an immediate power of the presence of God’s love for me was in early sobriety when I wanted to drink and the love of God for me prevented that from happening.

When did you know that God loves everyone, no exceptions?
I remind myself  daily that the Love that God has for us is not conditional on my being worthy. I do my best to act according to what I believe God would have me do, but God’s love for me is not conditional. I love my children that way; unconditionally, even if they do something that I totally reject; now if I could only do that with everyone. Progress, not perfection.

About Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz

Writer. Priest.
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