Interview: Dan Thibodeau, Deacon


Name: Daniel K. Thibodeau
Realm: Government, Religion
Episcopal Deacon (at St. Michael’s & All Angels), Health Inspector
Interviewer: Self


What is my dream for the world?
My ideal dream for the world would be very simple, but not easy: tolerance for everyone, which in most cases involves getting to know people and their stories, so we can understand why people act the way they do. If we were all able to do this to everyone we meet, the world would be a better place to live. We are “all” more the same than we are different.

When did you know that God loves you?
Growing up as a child of divorce in the household of my mother, a devote Christian, she taught me that God loves me and always has. She lived this in raising me and my two sisters. There was never a time in which we did not know love, either from her or from God, who was always part of my life from an early age.

When did you know that God loves everyone, no exceptions?
Since I believe we are all created equal and I know God loves me, it is only simple for me to believe that God loves everyone, no exceptions…being perfect is not a criteria for being loved…

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