Interview: Robert Kapchan


Name: Robert Kapchan
Realm: Nature
Interviewer: Tom Tripp


What is my dream for the world?
That all human beings will know peace with one another, how to live in peace and how to love one another. I think that comes from God; from knowing God and knowing yourself, coming to terms with yourself and living within your own skin. So I’d like to see that peace that goes beyond understanding in this world among people.

When did you know that God loves you?
A big thing in my life was when I met my second wife, Kierstin. I’d broken up with my first wife and I was very down on myself. I didn’t really know if God cared about me much anymore. Kierstin came along. She was very loving toward me, very gentle, despite all of my trouble, and I really came to know that God loved me through Kierstin.

When did you know that God loves everyone, no exceptions?
I first came into Christianity – I didn’t accept Jesus until I was about 30 years old – the first church, the preaching there, the teaching there was not inclusive. It was exclusive – there was a lot of talk about some people being saved and others not. But when I came into the Episcopal Church, I found it to be very open and inclusive, and that’s when I really started believing that God loves everybody. And also through my Oblate studies, I came to realize that God loves everyone because I started to love myself.

About Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz

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