Interview: Wendy Palmer


Name: Wendy Palmer
Realm: Technology, Business
 Assistant Credit Manager for a computer company
Interviewer: Tom Tripp


What is your dream for the world?
I would love to see the different religions and religious people throughout the world come together and have an understanding that even though some of our values are different, that we have the same faith, that we all have a trust and belief in someone. And be able to work together at the same time understanding that people may think differently – at the same time we can work toward a common goal.

When did you know that God loves you?
I always knew that God loved me. I remember even as a little kid in fifth, sixth grade, walking to church on my own, going to choir practice. I knew that it was something I needed to do, I needed to be at church. I never fully knew the extent, but I knew I needed to be there.

When did you know that God loves everyone, no exceptions?
I didn’t realize it until I had children. When I was able to have three children in my life and to look at them and know that they’re going to mess up, they’re going to do wrong, but I’m still going to love them, care for them, pray for them. And that’s when I was able to realize that that’s the way God feels about me.

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